About us

Welcome to ChiselCraft .

Based in Devon England , you can now buy online any of the fantastic hand made carvings you may have spotted in any of our stores.

Buy in Confidence. ChiselCraft are registered at Companies house as ChiselCraft Ltd.

We have been vetted & passed by bank & credit / debit card agencies so we can take payment over the phone or by debit / credit card & Pay pal.


 As well as our retail outlets we also have a ebay store  chiselcraft _ltd

We are proud of our 20,000 + positive feedback record & our Top rated  Power seller status.

If you spot any of our items on Ebay you can buy them directly from our own site.




ChiselCraft  Registered at Companies House as ChiselCraft Ltd

Company Registration Number 06785281


We have over 22 years experience of importing quality hand carved wooden carvings from Asia.


We were a member of BAFTS  (British Association for Fair Trade Shops)

for a number of years, however we decided not to renew our membership, due to our own Fair Trade ethics, We  were not happy with a fellow members outrageous & far fetched Fair Trade claims,Which in our opinion & in the opinion of other members we spoke to, were basically fairy tales. Please be aware , we are a FairTrade company.



ChiselCraft are not into 'all the gear with no idea'. ChiselCraft are a bona fide retail company who retail from good old fashioned shops, made from bricks & mortar.When you buy from us in the unlikely event of a problem,You can be confident that we will be their to sort out any queries.


When we buy stock, we do so in a fair & professional manor. Either in Asia,Europe or the UK, any person we work with or employ,are paid more than the minimum wage.


In 2011 we imported from China,Thailand, Indonesia & Vietnam. We travel far & wide to source quality hand carved fair trade carvings. 


 Please note ChiselCraft are a retail company. We do on occasion offer some items on a wholesale basis, Have a look at our wholesale page for conditions.